The weekend is over and the meetings are done. As we look back we can praise God for the worship experience we have had and the wonderful fellowship we have enjoyed. I have listed down a few of what I believe came as a result of these meetings. They are the following:

  • We have been reminded of how privileged we are as we look at ourselves and the blessings or have and enjoy here at Central Filipino Church through the eyes of our guests.
  • It was an opportunity to spruce up our facility. We did clean-up work and put things in order in the way that everything is pleasing to the eyes, particularly in the sight of heaven.
  • It gave us the privilege to work together, helping and supporting each other with the things that we need to do in hosting such a big event.
  • Our eyes were opened to events that are happening in the social, economic, political and religious world that we are living in and awaken us to the realization that we are indeed living in the closing moments of this earth’s history.
  • Much of what we heard are not new (last day events, principles of healthful living, medical missionary work, etc.) but they remind us of the fact that we know so much but practice so little. Let us live out the truth that we know and has been revealed to us and let the truth effect a revival and reformation in our lives as we get ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in latter rain power upon the church.

In the epistle of James (1:22-25), he says that we should be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Anyone who simply hears the Word and does not practice it is like the man who looks at himself in the mirror and goes on his way forgetting what he has seen about himself. But when we practice the truth and do what ace have heard, we are of all people most blessed.