The Bet Ever Christmas Present

Long time ago there ruled in Persia a good and wise king. He loved his people. He wanted to see their struggles and hardships. Often he would dress in the clothes of a working man or a beggar, and go to the homes of the poor. No one among those he visited ever thought that he was their king.

One time he stayed with a very poor man who lived in a cellar. He ate the coarse food the poor man ate. He spoke kind and cheerful words to him. Then he left.

Later he visited the poor man again and revealed his identity by saying, “I am your king!” The king thought the man would surely ask for some gift or favor, but he didn’t. Instead he said, “You left your palace to visit me in this dark and dreary place. You ate the coarse food I ate. You brought gladness to my heart! To others you have given your rich gifts. To me you have given yourself!”

This Christmas season, as the Christian world celebrates the birth of their king, it would be well for us to remember that the King of glory, Jesus Christ, gave Himself to us. The Bible calls this “the unspeakable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15.

And of all the gifts that we enjoy because of Jesus coming down from heaven to earth [family, friends, health, jobs, homes, including the blessing of love, joy, peace, etc.], none is more precious and valuable than the gift of Himself. When God gave, He gave the best there was in heaven- His only Son. And we can have the greatest blessing if we accept this gift and allow Him to be born into our hearts again, not as a helpless baby but as Savior and Lord of our lives.

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Christmas- The Day Jesus Died

A television interviewer was walking the streets of Tokyo at Christmas time. Much as in America, Christmas shopping is a big commercial success in Japan. The interviewer stopped one young woman on the sidewalk, and asked:

“What is the meaning of Christmas?”

Laughing, she responded, “I don’t know. Is that the day that Jesus died?”

Presumably, the young woman may not be Christian. And we can understand and even excuse her ignorance as to what this greatest of Christian holidays is all about. But there is some truth in her answer. For the way Christmas is commercialized and celebrated even in professed Christian lands, the occasion signifies the “death” of Jesus Christ more than His birth.

Materialism and greed drive the celebration of this most important of Christian holidays. And the success of the entrepreneurial spirit has allowed Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and other fictional characters dominate the Christmas theme and has contributed to the “death of Jesus” on what is supposed to be the day of His birth.

It’s time to make Christmas what it really is- a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Let us make every celebratory act a reflection of the infinite love of God who gave the most precious gift that heaven could ever bestow upon man- the gift of His sone Jesus. Let us sing the praises of Jesus who willingly came to be born as a little baby and become a man so that He could give His life for us that we may have forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life.

Celebrating Christmas like we should will make it the day when Jesus was born, not the day that He died.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Were We in Bethlehem Then

As the holidays come upon us and Christmas carols fill the air, we begin to realize how blessed we are that God gave His only Son so we can have the gift of eternal life. But as we get reminded of this greatest story ever told, we lament at how crudely the King of Glory was received when He came to be born in a world of His own creation.

Come to think of it if we were there at that time and place, would we have acted differently? Could we have been among the residents of the city who were too busy they had no room in their hearts for Him or would we be among the shepherds who rejoiced with the angels that celebrated and joyfully sang at His birth?

A poem written by Mary Flynn poses this rhetorical question.

Jesus, When You Were Born

Jesus, when You were born
In Bethlehem long ago,
Did You mind being out in a stable
When there was o place else to go?

And Jesus when You were born,
Son of God, in a stable You lay,
And the people didn’t know who You were,
Didn’t come to You and pray.

But I wonder if I had been there,
In Bethlehem looking at You,
Would I have known in my heart who You were,
Or would I have shut my door too?

So, now Jesus I will promise,
Because I know what to do,
I know that You are the Son of God,
And I will open my heart up to You.

Rightfully so, the really important question now is whether we recognize Him today and whether we know Him to be the Savior and King of our lives. If we do, Christmas would be a wonderful time and Jesus’ mission from heaven to earth would not have been in vain.

When Life Breaks Down

One day a man broke his model Ford car on the side of the road. Now this man knew a lot about cars so he tried fixing it.

He tried different ways and each time he went back to crank the engine, it wouldn’t start at all. He was a little stubborn so rather than call for help, he continued working alone.

He tried everything and still, nothing…the car won’t start.

A few minutes later, another car pulled up beside him. Out stepped an old man who stood and watched him awhile.

The old man looked at him and said: “Son, do you see this part? Just twist this one and you’re good to go.”

The man whispered in his mind: “There’s no way this old guy could know more about this car than me.”

Anyway, he gate it a try. He adjusted the part, got in the car and sure enough…the engine cranked back to life.

He was surprised and asked the old man: “How did you know what to do?”

Then the old man smiled and said: “My name is Henry Ford. I’m the one who invented your car. And I know everything about it.”

When your life breaks down, don’t ever think that you know how to fix everything…that you don’t need any help. Always remember, only God knows how to fix our lives because we are His creation and He loves us so much.

Even when life seems to have lost its meaning and we are facing a blank wall or think we have reached the end of our road. He invites us to just come to Him. He says: “Come unto Me all ye who labor and are heavey laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” Matthew 11:28-30.