Things Closest to Us

Rains had kept us indoors for much of the two weeks and when the sun comes up, we see it as a chance for some tennis or golf. This time though, I decided to go to my backyard late in the afternoon and tend the fruit trees that I have planted two years ago. It was also a time to repair the dirt steps that I built for easier access to our hillside garden.

I must have enjoyed flexing my muscles without pausing from the work I was doing so that after about two hours, I looked to the west and my eyes were greeted by a spectacular sight. Aa glorious sunset presented itself right before my very eyes. I was so delighted by this beautiful scene which I had not witnessed before from that section of our property. I stopped for a moment to thank God for such beauty and for eyes that are able to see and appreciate these things.

As I continued to dwell on this wondrous sight another thought crossed my mind. It struck me that there are many tings around us that are so grand and so majestic and yet we have not noticed them simply because we haven’t taken the time to slow down and open our eyes to them. We travel to distant lands and spend tons of money in search of beautiful things to gaze at and wonder upon. But many of these beautiful things are just right around us, if we know where to look and if we slow down and take the time to appreciate them.

So, let us slow down, open our eyes and look and see and appreciate such things God has placed before our very eyes. He is trying to reach us at every moment and let us be sensitive to His messages.

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