When It’s Time to Change Your Life

We work to earn a living and support a family. For some people, they may not have to if they have inherited wealth that could take care of their needs for life. Others stop working after the children are grown and are out on their own. And when sufficient funds have been accumulated to assure a comfortable life through the golden years, what is there to be working for? Of course, when one is in good health and considers work as service to God and fellowman, it is altogether different. One can stay put on the job for as long as he is still productive and useful.

Somewhere down the road though things stop getting exciting. Everyday is a grind and work becomes a drudgery. There is no looking forward with eagerness and anticipation to the workday. Someone did a research and came up with some signs that give the message it’s time for a change. When conditions such as mentioned below exist, you know there’s no more future in the job and every day you stay longer in it is a waste of time. The time has come to change your life. Are you familiar with the following?

  1. You dread going to work more days than you don’t.
  2. You are living in the past or dreaming about the future
  3. People are constantly telling you to relax.
  4. You are jealous of other people’s successes.
  5. You wake up tired.
  6. You are antsy.
  7. You gossip.
  8. Everyone seems to annoy you.
  9. You have a constant sense of foreboding.
  10. You keep thinking.

Having the courage to stop and change direction at this point in your life will pay you dividends in terms of your health and happiness. It will be a struggle. You may have to start all over again. It will be an uphill climb. But you will make it with determination and perseverance. In the end, you will find yourself in a better, healthier and more meaningful world.

Whatever you do, do it as though you are doing it for the Lord. And you’ll never go wrong. St. Paul admonishes that we ought to be concerned not with men’s approval but with God’s. “But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which tries our hearts.” (1 Thessalonians 2:4).

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